Why Does My Heater Smell When I First Turn It On?

Temperatures dropped to 40 degrees this morning so it is probably safe to say that most of us living here in Atlanta have turned their heat on. The first time you turned your heater on this season you probably noticed an unpleasant smell. We often get asked what the smell is and if it is harmful. Your furnace sits dominant  typically from early April to mid-October and like all things dust accumulates on things that aren’t used. The smell is the dust being burned off of the heat exchanger or the heat pump’s resistance coils.

The good news is that the smell should disappear after the first couple of uses, if it does not please contact a HVAC technician so that a thorough inspection can  be done.

For more information or to seek assistance in HVAC problems please contact Universal Heating and Air at 888-902-6632.

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  1. Robert Cody says:

    This is a common question that we hear from customers. Thank you for this article. It will help many people gain peace of mind about the mystery of that odd smell when we first cut on the heat after months of desuetude.

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